Miguel Cabrera triple crown

MLB Midseason All-Sabermetric Team

A different look at which players are performing best halfway through the season.

Miguel Cabrera triple crown
Miggy is ahead of Trout in WAR this season.

Data courtesy of FanGraphs.

Position players -


Nothing surprising here as last year’s WAR leaders are at the top again halfway through.

Miguel Cabrera: 6.2 WAR

Mike Trout: 5.6 WAR

FLD (fielding)

Watch these two play, the numbers don’t lie.

Manny Machado: 15.6

Carlos Gomez: 13.9

BSR (baserunning)

This shows how talented a healthy Ellsbury is.

Jacoby Ellsbury: 8.6

Mike Trout: 5.8

Everth Cabrera: 5.4

BABIP (Average on balls in play)

These leaders are either hitting the ball consistently hard or getting lucky.

Joe Mauer .388 (career .348)

Mike Napoli .382 (career .309)

Jhonny Peralta .382 (career .314)

OPS (on base plus slugging)

Miguel Cabrera 1.338

Josh Donaldson 1.047

Buster Posey 1.073


Macro Scutaro %95.8

Norichika Aoki %93.4

Ben Revere %92.6


Adrian Gonzalez 1.55

Adam Jones 1.49

Carlos Santana 1.48


Matt Harvey pitch count
Matt Harvey joins Adam Wainwright as two of the top pitchers in the league.


Adam Wainwright 4.6

Felix Hernandez 4.2

Matt Harvey 4.2


Jhoulys Chacin %3.2

Adam Wainwright %4.9

Eric Stults %5.3

Innings pitched

Clayton Kershaw 145.1

Adam Wainwright 140.2

Felix Hernandez 138.2

SIERA (Pitching and league independent fielding)

Matt Harvey 2.71

Yu Darvish 2.73

Max Scherzer 2.74


A possible indicator of luck, if the number doesn’t look right compared to career average.

Jeff Locke %83.3 (career %78.4)

Hiroki Kuroda %82.6 (%73.7)

Chris Tillman %82.4 (%73.2)


Yu Darvish 11.84

Max Scherzer 10.55

Matt Harvey 10.18


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