MMA P4P Rankings: November

The Ninja presents the MMA P4P rankings.

The top 10 P4P fighters in the world:

Anderson Silva #1 

Anderson Silva submission
Anderson Silva submits his opponent

After his last fight with Stephan Bonnar, Silva has proved he is undeniably ridiculous when it comes to striking.  He not only dismantles his opponents, he makes them look ridiculous while doing so.  Hopefully, we get to see the fight Silva wants next, GSP.

Georges St. Pierre #2 

GSP shows off his ground game against Carlos Condit.

If I made this a month or two ago Jon Jones would probably be #2, but now St. Pierre is back, and I mean BACK. GSP hold the 2 spot with his dominating performance against Carlos Condit after a 19 month layoff.

Jon Jones #3 

jon jones
Jon Jones beats his opponent.

What can you really say? Jones is not only the youngest UFC champ ever, he also put on the greatest year the sport has ever seen. He is only in his middle 20’s, and is already being talked about as GOAT LHW and possible greatest of all time period.  He dominates all of his opponents and is doing so with relative ease.  If he has one or two more huge wins after Sonnen, he will probably be number one on this list, and I know on some people’s list he probably already is number one.

Jose Aldo #4 

josé aldo
José Aldo kicks his opponents body.

Without recent injuries, Aldo would also be in the discussion for number one or two.  Not only has his teammate Anderson Silva already said he’s the best fighter in the world, he’s proving it fight in and fight out dominating and viciously disposing his opponents.  In his upcoming bout against Frankie Edgar, we will find out what the champ is really made of in his toughest test to date.

Frankie Edgar #5 

Frankie Edgar
Frankie Edgar strikes B.J. Penn with a left

The man who arguably should still be the UFC LW champ, Edgar will face Aldo in what is an underrated super fight that for some reason is not being talked about.  Anderson/Gsp this Anderson vs. Gsp that, but Aldo vs. Edgar is a huge fight, and definitely a super fight I’ve been waiting to see.

Junior Dos Santos #6 

junior dos santos
Junior Dos Santos throws an elbow to his opponents chin.

Heavyweight champion of the world, and not only just that, he is the dominant Heavyweight champion of the world. Dos Santos is probably already the best heavyweight the UFC has ever seen.  If he can get past Velasquez in the rematch, there’s a good chance he will face Overeem in the near future and have a chance to solidify himself as UFC HW GOAT.

Dominick Cruz #7

Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz goes for his opponent’s head

Cruz keeps doing what he always does.  Great head movement, great footwork, great speed, great takes, and his unorthodox style, he proves once and once again he is the top 135 pounder out there.  Interim champ Berao is showing he is a legit contender, and will give Cruz his toughest test to date.

Nate Diaz #8 

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz extends for a punch

Diaz has shown lately that he is ready to take on what most thought he would after his stint on the Ultimate fighter.  Still young, he has improved each fight, and now will face Benson Henderson at UFC on Fox 5 in a fight I am confident he will dominate.

Demetrious Johnson #9

Demetrious Johnson
Demetrious Johnson throws a knee and a punch.

Johnson was a stud at 135 even though undersized, and gave Dominick Cruz a very tough fight before finally falling to the champion.  But with the new addition of the 125-pound Flyweight division “Mighty Mouse” took advantage, won the 4-man tournament, and became the first ever Flyweight champion.

Benson Henderson #10 

benson henderson kick
Benson Henderson body kicks his opponent.

Even though both fights were controversial, Henderson proved to be the better man both times on the judge’s scorecards, as they gave him the nod over Edgar in their two title bouts.  Henderson faces Diaz in a bout at UFC on Fox 5, and if he defends his title there you will see him skyrocket up these rankings. Most believe this will be his toughest test to date, as he faces a hungry and determined Diaz.

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