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NBA Week 17 Fantasy Breakdown

Week 17 sleeper picks, match-ups, and what to watch for.

carlos delfino
Carlos Delfino is undersized but starting at the 4 in Houston.

NBA Week 17 Games Watch

Not going to lie, it got a little dicey there for a couple days with no hoops and a lame dunk contest to fill in. At least we saw Kobe “lock down” LeBron, aka: Kobe decided to be the only one playing hard in the All Star game besides his teammate, Dwight, who played kinda hard for the first time this season.

Enough about those shenanigans, most NBA teams have a nice slate of games ahead this week. Twelve teams play four times, and only two, the Celtics and Trail Blazers play twice. Teams with four games and good match ups are the Hawks and Clippers. It is also worth mentioning a few teams with three games and favorable match ups since most play three games: Bucks, Lakers, Rockets, and Nuggets.

NBA Week 17 Fantasy Player Watch

Obligatory trade analysis, even though the trade deadline was boring.

J.J Reddick
How can J.J. sustain minutes alongside Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings?

J.J. Reddick SG Milwaukee Bucks (%97 owned)

Pretty much immediately after Reddick’s trade was announced, his fantasy ownership dropped %3. Of course, how could J.J sustain the minutes he was getting in Orlando with the backcourt of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings already in place? Well good news for J.J. owners, in his first game with the Bucks, he played 35 minutes, 5 more than Jennings. Bad news for J.J. owners, how can this be sustainable? Maybe if Coach Boylan decides on a very small line up, otherwise, Reddick has two better players in front of him.

Thomas Robinson PF Houston Rockets (%10 owned) and Carlos Delfino SF/SG (%40 owned)

The Rockets raised some eyebrows starting Delfino at the 4 last game, but for now they are content with their starting 5. Robinson had an initial boost in ownership after being acquired by the Rockets in a trade, but since then news has come out that Robinson will need to practice some with the team before he plays. He should be a lock for major minutes once he plays, but for now Delfino is the starter in Houston.

NBA Week 17 Fantasy Sleepers

Al Harrington
Al Harrington debuts with the Magic on Friday.

Al Harrington PF Orlando Magic (%4 owned) 

Pay attention for Harrington’s return, because saying the Magic are desperate for big man help is an understatement. With Glen Davis out, the veteran Harrington will be thrown into the fire after his season debut scheduled for this Friday.

Chauncey Billups G L.A. Clippers (%60 owned) 

His fantasy stock dropped majorly after injuring Achilles tendon earlier this season, but let’s be honest, Billups can shoot the three ball. This injury could actually play in his favor. Being a step slower off the dribble should force Billups to spot up for three more, and it will probably fare better for him at his ripe age of 36. 

Terrence Williams SG/SF Boston Celtics (%0 owned)

Williams was basically “going off” in his last basketball stint before the Celtics. If this bungy athlete can put up numbers remotely close to what he did in China, the Celtics and fantasy owners alike have a steal. Let’s see how he does on a 10-day contract with the C’s. 

Andrew Nicholson PF Orlando Magic (%2.3 owned)

Not buying Al Harrington as the answer for the Magic in the frontcourt? Nicholson could be your guy. Scoring in double figures 6 out of his last 7 games, it is no wonder the Magic were willing to trade away Josh McRoberts to free up minutes.

Gerald Henderson SG/SF Charlotte Bobcats (%42 owned) 

Henderson is a good free throw shooter, and he plays three teams this week that put opponents on the line quite a bit. Seems weird to pick up a guy for free throw % help? Not really, but either way Henderson should have a decent week and he does indeed do more than just shoot free throws. 

Tony Allen SG Memphis Grizzles (%33 owned) 

Finally, we see a player emerge in Memphis post-Rudy Gay. Tony Allen has been filling the void, 12 points, 6 boards, and 2 steals per game since Gay left. If your league is deep, you shouldn’t be worried about Allen for points, or even rebounds. Look for him to keep his steal numbers up.

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