NBA Week 6 Fantasy Breakdown

NBA Week 6 Fantasy Sleepers, Match-ups, waivers, starts, and players to watch.

NBA Week 6 Fantasy Watch

chauncey billups
Chauncey Billups is this weeks player to watch.

Normally, I point out a few teams that play 4 times during the week, because in weekly leagues these are easy point getters. This week though, 16 teams play 4 times and the rest play 3. The Jazz have a good slate this week, highlighted by a game against the Raptors. Start your Bucks and Clippers players this week, as both teams have a good fantasy slate. Facing the Raptors at home,  followed by a 3 game road trip, the Nuggets also match up well this week.

NBA Week 6 Fantasy Start Em

Matt Barnes SF LA Clippers

Mentioned as a sleeper pick for last week, Barnes is still under %5 owned. The time has passed to pick him up, it is now time to start him. He plays the Raptors and Suns this week who are both in the bottom 10 in PPGA. In a 12 team or deeper league, pick up Barnes and plug him in.

NBA Week 5 Fantasy Player Watch

Chauncey Billups G LA Clippers 

Billups was scheduled to end rehab and be back middle to late this month. However, he is ahead of schedule and will return Wednesday. Keep on eye on his minutes, and whether he begins to play every day. With his announced return, his ownership is quickly increasing, but is still under %65 owned.

NBA Week 6 Fantasy Sleepers

Vince Carter
Vince Carter is shooting the three well, but he can still get up.

J.J. Redick SG Orlando Magic (%80 owned)

J.J. has finally broke out into the player the Magic thought he could be coming out of Duke. He is prone to have a horrible game here and there, but logging big minutes allows him to showcase his 3-point shooting, steals, and sneaky assist stats.

Randy Foye G Utah Jazz (%7.5 owned) 

Foye is a top 3-point shooter so far this season, and can have nights where he gets over 5 assists and a steal. Foye is more of a daily league pick up for now, since he is so weak in other statistical  categories. Look for match ups against teams who don’t do well against the three.

Kirk Hinrich PG Chicago Bulls (%6 owned)

Hinrich is your answer if you need assists. He is averaging over six per game, sometimes adding double digit points, blocks, steals, and boards. Not a glamorous pick, or a long term solution, Hinrich can definitely spot help your guard spots.

Vince Carter SG/SF Dallas Mavericks (%24 owned)

Vinsanity has adapted his game into somewhat of a 3-point specialist. He is coming off a huge week where he was above double digits in scoring 4 times, and is shooting over %50 from 3-point land in his last 5 games.

Kyle Singler Detroit Pistons SG/SF (%5 owned)

Singler was kind of forgotten after spending a year in the Euro leagues. His development overseas is paying off. Singler doesn’t take a lot of shots or turn the ball over. He won’t have a huge night in a single category, but he can score in all categories. This week, he plays four times, and should start to see even more minutes since his back up, Rodney Stuckey, has taken on a sixth man role.

Jermaine O’Neal C Pheonix Suns (%16 owned ) 

O’Neal ventured over to Germany in the offseason for knee surgery, and like many other athletes who have tried similar procedures, he is as strong as ever. He is only playing about 20 minutes per game for the time being, but his per minute averages are basically career highs. Marcin Gortat owners should be cringing at the thought of O’Neal’s minutes continuing to increase.

NBA Week 6 Fantasy Deep Sleepers:

Kawhi Leonard can be a sneaky waiver wire pick up.

Kawhi Leonard SG/SF San Antonio Spurs (%45 owned) 

Pull one over on your league mates and snipe Leonard off of waivers. Injured for the last couple weeks, many owners have dropped him. He probably won’t be back until late next week, but the point is he will be back.

Jeffery Taylor SG Charlotte Bobcats (%1 owned) 

Taylor has potential to get solid points, as he has seen an average of 32 minutes in his past 5 games. Bobcats management like his solid defense and ability to create for himself. With increased minute, Taylor has put up double digit point nights and steals.

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